Welcome to Neemo Smart – The Premier London Digital Marketing Agency

Neemo Smart is a London based digital marketing company founded by an creative and entrepreneurial team. We identify ourselves as a hybrid between a marketing and a consultancy agency. Our business model offers an unique experience for our clients through a collaborative work with our diversified team of digital marketing specialists. The most valuable characteristic of our services is the individualistic approach to every client in discovering what best fits their individual needs. We are not only able to provide a customised aproach to your business marketing needs, but also insist on members of our team spending time learning the insides of your business model. Neemo Smart provides a platform of professionals offering their knowledge and experience in delivering personalised services to our clients.

At Neemo Smart, we have recognized a gap in the market where businesses need hybrid services in their path to expansion, increase of sales, and brand recognition. Since technology and internet continuously change business environment dynamics, we are certain that this trend will influence the economy even on a greater scale. There are numerous examples of just social media and digital marketing completely changing the direction of business development and target markets.

Neemo Smart’s business model is aimed towards small and medium size businesses. Our main goals are to establish long-term business relationships with our clients and strive for their ongoing improvement. We develop short and long term strategies for success, market expansion, customer loyalty to name a few, and we ask a lot of questions to identify the best plan for a very personalised aproach.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated creative professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to help your business grow. Our broad range of experience is a key factor in our business model. The unique platform of specialists and their current and past participation in different types of businesses across the world is the most valuable asset we possess.  We have chosen  to work with people who understand the individual development of established businesses and start ups to help them grow and expand.