Smart social media marketing campaign for restaurants in London


Smart social media marketing campaign for restaurants in London

How important is the social media marketing for restaurants in London? The answer is huge. That is why the Neemo Smart team has dedicated some time in analysing the restaurant industry in London and more particularly – how do they use social media to increase their sales; what is their approach towards smart social media as long term vision for business development in very competitive industry in London.

Some of the owners who has managed to achieve good sales on four out of seven days never considered to attempt to increase their sales through social media. London is really big and popular city and the number of citizens and tourists often give comfort to those who own restaurants or pubs on busy location. However, the rent value for these properties could be a wake up call for the owners at times when they suffer some decrease in sales.

What was our approach? – We suggested some tips where smart social media campaign could increase the sales in those restaurants and pubs in London:

Tip 1: Start with hourly reporting of your sales instead of daily. In this way you will identify gaps and potential for sale increase

Tip 2: Identify your target customers for those hours. Are there any offices around? What is the quality of the surrounding residential area?

Tip 3: Carefully think of smart social media campaign in order to attract new or to make more returning customers to visit your restaurant.

Remember, it is all about customers. They can easily come but they easily go. Always interact with them. That is why smart social media campaign is so important for your restaurant business in London. Think long term and start to think social media now.